Airsoft Tech Services

Our expert Airsoft technician will get you back in the game

Gun Repairs

Gun not working correctly? Let our expert technician repair your Airsoft gun and get you back on the field. Our Airsoft technician has years of experience repairing guns and can work on Electric, Gas and HPA guns as well as sniper rifles. Repairs on external and internal components like gearboxes, hopup units and motors can be completed quickly.

Gun Upgrades

Ready to upgrade your Airsoft gun? We can upgrade most Airsoft gun platforms. Gearboxes can be upgraded for a high rate of fire, better compression, flawlessly shimmed or MOSFET added. He can also help with front/rear wiring, deans conversions, motors, springs, tight bore barrels, hopup units and external components.

Custom Builds

Looking for a custom Airsoft gun? We offer Certified War Zone Airsoft guns that will make you stand out on the field in both AEG and HPA platforms. Our experianced technician custom builds guns using high end receivers, rails, grips, internal parts and accessories. Basic color changes are also available but we don't do custom airbrush work, sorry.

Airsoft Replacement Parts

We Stock Replacement Parts For Most Guns


Pistons & Cylinders
Gear Sets
Wiring, Triggers & MOSFETs
Many more


Rails & Accessories
Motor Grips
Many more


Trigger Boards
Airlines & Regulators
Polar Star, Wolverine & Valken
Full HPA Kits
Many more

Spring Sniper

Trigger Sets & Sears
Bolt Cylinder Sets
Hopup & Barrel
Rails, Scopes & Bipods
Many more

For Airsoft Technician Help

Come see us at our walk on game days, we will have a shop at the field.
We happy to help or assist you in anyway we can.